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UGData Tutorial Posted

I added a new tutorial to the site. This one covers the details of using SQL Server as the data-store for HTTP/REST-compliant apps. Here's the abstract:

In this tutorial you'll learn how to build database-backed REST-ful applications using the exyus engine. You'll learn how to build stored procedures for SQL Server that output XML for use with the XmlSqlResource class in exyus. You'll learn how to use the XmlSqlResource base class to define your own database-backed HTTP Resource. And you'll learn how to use XSL transforms and XSD Schema documents to control the processing of inbound client requests and generating outbound server responses. Finally, you'll learn how you can use simple HTML FORMs to support not just GET and POST, but also PUT and DELETE HTTP methods.

You can test the online version of the UGData application.

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