Exyus is an HTTP/REST engine written for the Windows/ASP.NET platform. this blog lists code changes and other important updates to the code base.


installed cmd applet on my server

more fun w/ exyus today.

last night i built a simple command-line app (tasklist-cmd that can "talk" to the TaskList server. that was fun. a simple desktop app that does clean HTTP work (including handling headers for etags, cache-control, user-agent, etc.) without a lot of fuss and bother. nice. you can download the source and a windows executable from the exyus code site.

today i installed this applet on a server as a tool for clearing out old tasks from the demo site as well as poking some "fun" tasks in myself. it was also really easy. after copying the exe (and dlls) to the server, i whipped up the following set-task.cmd file:

@echo off

tasklist-cmd -clear
tasklist-cmd -add "read tutorials" 1
tasklist-cmd -add "download exyus"
tasklist-cmd -add "check out newsgroup" 1
tasklist-cmd -add "start writing my own cool apps!"
schedule it up and we're cookin'!

Posted Tasklist commandline sample app

i posted a sample commandline app (tasklist-cmd) that shows off the HTTPClient in exyus.

it does all the things the web app does (TaskList), but using a command-line app instead of a browser. the UI is totally clunky (hey, it's the command line!) but it's still kinda helpful. i plan on using to to script some interactions with the task list to keep i cleaned out regularly. i'll also poke some stuff in the list every once in a while, just for fun.

only took me a short itme to do this app. i really like working with HTTP this way!


Adding exyus user to the IIS logs

i checked in a change this weekend that adds the logged-in exyus user to the IIS logs. this is a 'hack' but at least you can find the user in the logs now.

since exyus uses it's own Digest and Basic HTTP Auth, IIS never knows who is the authenticated user. that means the cs-username is always empty in the logs. now, by using the Response.AppendToLog(exyus_user) pattern, any time a user authenticates within exyus, the data is added to the log - as part of the cs-query field. it looks like this: +[exyus-user=mike].

check out the source code at the google code site (see sidebar) for details.


TastList Sample and Tutorial Posted

I posted a live sample app (TaskList) this week and I posted the TaskList Tutorial in the Articles section of the exyus web site. This is my first article on exyus. but i hope it's not the last.

Feedback is welcome!


Welcome to the exyus blog!

I posted the first round of source code and examples on the public web this weekend. Lots of things to do over the next several weeks. I'm looking forward to the feedback.