Exyus is an HTTP/REST engine written for the Windows/ASP.NET platform. this blog lists code changes and other important updates to the code base.


rewriting t-sql support in exyus

data i finally bit the bullet and started a complete rewrite of the t-sql support in exyus this weekend. i'd been dreading it for a while, but knew it had to be done. so much has changed since i wrote the SqlXmlResource class late last year. in fact, so much drift had occurred since i last used the t-sql resource, i just marked is as // not working! in order to keep folks from getting hurt.

anyway, the rewrite has been going very well. i've got GET/HEAD, POST, and DELETE support done. still need to implement the full PUT (create/update) w/ ETag support, tho. i've also run into a few new items regarding redirection options for POST and DELETE. i've got a bit of work to do to make sure the proper URI is composed for redirects for POST, too. but, all in all, it's gone well and i a should have a new release posted early this week. it's been a while since i had a meaningful update and it will be nice to get some good stuff out there.

once the t-sql support is updated and tested, i'm looking forward to some new demo apps and articles covering how easy it is to publish database-backed end-points with exyus.

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