Exyus is an HTTP/REST engine written for the Windows/ASP.NET platform. this blog lists code changes and other important updates to the code base.


t-sql for exyus all checked in

i was able to power through the rest of t-sql support for the XmlSqlResource class in exyus this evening. full support for PUT(create/update) w/ ETags. it went easier than i thought it would. the ETag code from the XmlFileResource was very easy to drop in and tweak. nice to see that HTTP calls (HEAD w/ ETag) work like a champ for any representation [grin]!

i still need to beat this up for a bit and clean out the cobwebs and such. but i should have a solid release within a day or so. i had fun whipping up transforms for text/xml and text/html representations for a simple resource. i find myself starting to think pretty easily in mime-types and transformations - at least for HTML and XML types. i still have to do some work to get my head to easily think in JSON, tho.

anyway, fun evening and it's all booked into source control - sweet!

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